Southside Community Care Inc offers time limited supported accommodation to homeless families.

If you become a tenant you will work with our family support worker to do a Tenant Action Plan which will be reviewed every three months with your tenancy. We provide accommodation that is consistent with the Residential Tenancy Authority however we do have some special conditions which includes your commitment to develop and maintain a Tenant Action Plan (also known as a case management plan). This plan will assist you to focus on developing resources to deal with some of the issues surrounding your homelessness, so you can move on to independent and sustainable accommodation. Your participation is required to benefit from our service.

While you are in our stable accommodation the areas we can assist you with include some of the following:
  • Obtaining and maintain income support to enable you to manage your family and children's activities.
  • Provide office facilities to update your resume, look for jobs and accommodation.
  • Gain knowledge of services to assist you with achieving your goals. This may include us helping you or putting you in touch with other community organisations to help you obtain financial stability, optimum physical and mental health, relationships, and find stable independent accommodation.
  • Plan for when you exit our accommodation.

You have a right:
  • To be assessed for services without bias or discrimination.
  • To privacy and confidentiality.
  • To view any information Southside Community Care holds about you.
  • To expect that information about you WILL NOT be given to anyone outside this organisation without your knowledge.
  • To be informed about available services.
  • That accommodation managed by SCC to be of a good standard and well maintained.
  • To express concerns about our service without fear or recrimination.
  • To have any complaints to be dealt with fairly and promptly.
  • To be represented by an advocate of your choice should you wish to lodge a complaint.

Complaints and grievances

If you find something is happening that is making you unhappy please discuss this with the family Support Worker and she may be able to assist you with where to go and what to do to resolve the situation.

If the concern or complaint is about Southside Community Care please consider the following procedure is to be followed.

  • Talk to the person directly if possible. Be prepared to consider a range of solutions.
  • To begin with, try to separate the person from the problem. Is there an issue attached to the problem that makes it clearer. Write that down-can you think of a solution?
  • If talking to the person directly would be difficult, or attempts to do so have not solved the problem, seek an advocate or mediator or support person. (someone who will be able to be objective and sit in to help the discussion) This may be a friend, relative Family Support worker or someone from another organisation.
  • Contact the Coordinator of Southside Community Care Inc (Di) on 07 3343 1441 to attempt to resolve the issue, or the President of the Management Committee (Peter) if the issue is about the Coordinator. You may do this by phone, letter or ring and make an appointment.
  • Should the issue remain unresolved a Grievance Group will be formed. This  group will consist of complainant, (you) the person who is being complained about, one designated Management Committee member (treasurer if the issue is financial), one independent person with qualifications appropriate to deal with complaints.
  • All complaints will be fully documented with outcomes reached and method of resolution notified in writing to all parties at the meeting.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, parties have the right take this matter to the Dept of Communities, Mt Gravatt Office.
  • All complaints outside the jurisdiction of Southside Community Care Inc will be referred to the appropriate agency or authority.
  • Other organisations offering advocacy & assistance with grievances are listed on the Links Page

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